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EV Home Charging

Are you in need of a specialist team to install your EV home charging point? Look no further. With our knowledge and experience, you can expect to receive quality like no other. Our team pride themselves on delivering an exceptional home charging installation service and brilliant customer care. We have spent a number of years supplying our full tried-and-tested installation services throughout Wiltshire and the surrounding areas, and continue to do so.

No job is too big or too small for our experienced team when installing your chosen EV car charging points. To learn more about the manufacturers we work closely with, visit our leading suppliers page.

Be part of a better and greener future today. Get in touch for more details regarding EV home charging.

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Car Charging Installation

For your property, we have the appropriate charging stations from a range of leading, high-quality brands. The options for each of our EV car charging stations range from a socket to tethered, as well as single-phase and three-phase.

A home EV charging station needs to be installed by a team you can trust. With our quick and efficient methods, we will have your EV car charging point installed rapidly, so you can start charging your electric vehicle. When you need an EV car charging station for your house and want it to seamlessly blend in and function, choose our team.

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These days, installing an EV charging station is a fantastic choice for any homeowner or business owner. The infrastructure required to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly form of travel is increased.

Over 680,000 battery-powered electric cars and at least 455,000 plug-in hybrids are now on UK roads, according to Zapmap. These figures are constantly rising, and all these EV drivers want a place to charge their vehicles! If you have an electric vehicle, you are aware of how challenging it may be to locate a charging station that is open.

Why not do your part by setting up a charging point at your residence?

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Charging A Tesla At Home

EV Home Charging Benefits

With the rise of electric vehicles, investing in an EV charger for your house will be worthwhile. There are many advantages of installing an EV charger at your home, including:

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